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Special Offer


We give free no obligation quotations for all makes of boiler. If you have a make and model in mind we will supply a free quote for you. Many customers require advice on their choice. We will listen to your requirements and advise accordingly.


                                     COMBI BOILER EXAMPLES


              VOKERA EXCEL-i 25 5 year warranty. £1995 inc.

              IDEAL MINI 2 C24 5 year warranty. £2030.00 inc.

              IDEAL MINI 2 C30 5 year warranty. £2095.00 inc.

              VOKERA EXCEL-i 30 5 year warranty. £2195 inc.

              VOKERA VISION PLUS 30C 7 year warranty. £2395.00 inc.

              IDEAL LOGIC MAX 30c 10 year warranty £2695.00 inc.

              IDEAL LOGIC MAX 35c 10 year warranty £2795.00 inc.

              IDEAL VOGUE MAX C40 12year warranty £3095.00 inc


These examples included a wireless thermostatic controller, a magnetic filter, a chemical flush and inhibitor protection. The cost for these jobs inluded parts and labour with no hidden extra's.


The quotes we give for the same boilers can be different in back to back houses, depending on varying circumstances. For example, does the gas supply require upgrading? Is the new boiler to be moved to another location?


We give fixed price quotes for whatever make and model of boiler our customers desire. We cannot give exhaustive examples on our website, as each project is unique. All our quotations are given free of charge.                           


We supply and fit all major manufacturers boilers to suit your personal requirements.


                                                 FREE QUOTES


We carry out Boiler Replacements in Glasgow and surrounding area's. We supply and fit all brands of boiler, and all come with a manufacturers backed warranty of varying lengths. Perhaps your old boiler is costing you too much in gas bills, or your fed up with repeat boiler repair bills. So when you decide your boiler needs replaced, we are happy to give a free, no obligation fixed price quotation


When the time comes to replacing your boiler, we will listen to your needs, and offer honest, genuine advice on the the best way to do the project. Buying a new boiler, can be like buying a car. You may have a particular make and model in mind, which is fine. If not, we will tailor our recommendations to suit your requirements and personal circumstances.


Quotations for boiler replacements are given by email, or if preferred by post, after which we will not contact you again. In short, you have to contact us, either to question or accept our quote. We always provide a free, no obligation quotation. This allows customers to research the boiler that we quote for, and compare quotes from elsewhere before proceeding.


​                                            Manufacturers Warranty


All new boilers come with a warranty, of varying lengths. This is subject to terms in conditions, but in the main these are:
1. That the boiler is installed and commissioned by a suitably qualified Gas Safe            Registered Engineer.
2. That the system is flushed and protected with a magnetic filter and suitable              chemical inhibitor. During a manufacturers engineers visit a system water                quality test showing fouled water or insufficient inhibitor levels will invalidate            your boilers warranty should this be found to be the case. We carry out a                chemical flush and add system inhibitor with every new boiler we install. We will      advise if your existing system condition is poor enough, if a Magna Cleanse or          Power Flush will be required.
3. The boiler will require a proof recorded annual service in its service log book.            Much in the same way that a vehicle service log book records an annual                  service.
Our software generates annual gas service reminders to inform our customers when their boiler service is due. This helps you comply with your boiler manufacturers terms and conditions.


All our quotations are given free of charge, and without obligation to accept.





Southside of Glasgow, East Kilbride, Paisley, Barrhead, Neilston, Cambuslang etc. 


Sorry, but we do not cover G1, G2 or G3 Post Codes. (nothing to do with ULEZ regulations)



Mon - Fri   9am - 5pm

Sat - Sun  Closed



Customers can request either an arrival time for AM or PM and we will do our best to comply.

AM slot 8am - 1pm

PM slot 12am - 5pm

Sorry but we are no longer able to offer precise times of arrival.


Outside of normal opening hours we will are often available to answer the phone, but a message left will be answered as soon as possible.


We work most bank holiday Mondays, but our rates dont change if we do.

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